About Us

Several years ago, we adopted a rescue dog named Macy. Her kind and gentle spirit changed our lives. In a way, we rescued each other.

A few years later, we added another member to our pack, Layla, who was also a rescue. We took a great interest in their health and prioritized educating ourselves on how to support them with proper nutrition. That's when we became obsessed with sourcing the best treats possible. We also understand the fast-paced lives of most pet owners. That's why we've provided an easier alternative for unique and healthy treats delivered to your doorstep.

What Motivates Us

We want to give our pets the best lives possible and to extend the time that we have together, and we want the same for all pet owners out there. Our treats have all been tested in our own lab (home) and only the finest make the cut.

Why Untamed Pet Company?

At Untamed, we are space and waste conscious. Not only do we source and curate treats for our boxes that use every part of the animal, our packaging (even our packing peanuts) are biodegradable. We know first-hand that other subscription box services can clutter up your house. Our aim is for everything in your box to be gone when the month ends so that you and your best friend are ready for the next one.

Studies have shown that long-lasting chews can help dogs to regulate their nervous systems and to increase the production of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters work to relieve stress. This can also be an easy and natural way for dogs to decrease anxiety or boredom.

Monthly Boxes