What kind of treats will I receive in my Untamed Pet Company box?

Your monthly box will include a curated selection of the highest quality training treats, 2-3 quick chew treats, and 2-3 longer chew treats for your best friend.

What if my pet has allergies?

We only include (mostly) single ingredient proteins in our boxes using every part of the animal. All of our treats are grain free. Please let us know if your dog has any other specific allergies and we can accomodate.

How do you decide what goes in each box?

We vary the selection each month based on the info you provide about your pet's weight and chewing preference. Our proprietors source only the absolute best treats available from farms in the US, South America, and Austrailia.

How often will I receive a box?

Monthly. Your pet will thank you.

Do you offer quarterly boxes?

Yes. Please contact support@untamedpetcompany.com to let us know you would prefer this option.

Can I pay monthly instead of all upfront?

Yes! Contact us at support@untamedpetcompany.com and we will get you set up on monthly payments.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. You can pause your subscription at any time for up to 60 days.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Easy! Contact us at support@untamedpetcompany.com

How do I update my account information or shipping address?

Please sign in to your "My Account" page to update or contact us at support@untamedpetcompany.com and we'll get you squared away.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Please use the code Untamed5 for $5 off your first box.

How can I get started?

Simple! Just click HERE to go to our orders page.

Can I leave my dog unattended while eating Untamed treats?

For safety, we always recommend pets not be left unattended while enjoying their treats.